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  • Eva Vivar — She was in the same batch as Esperanza Fabon who later became a judge.

  • In just 10-15 minutes, you can walk the entire stretch of beautiful white sand while enjoying the sea breeze and the picturesque view.

STAR FOR ALL SEASONS: Love Letters thief

The nightlife is not as crazy as some other destinations — Alona Beach is a quiet, romantic place for those who want to chill at night, enjoy a candle-lit dinner, and listen to good music while enjoying the night with a drink.

  • Dolly Favorito — I distinctly remember the name, but have no idea what she did so help me, please.

  • We met Pauline during a leisurely lunch at a beach resort in Tubigon town hosted by Mayor William Jao.

  • Maria Lourdes Salvador ang tunay na pangalan ni Alona at anak siya ng comedian-director na si Lou Salvador Sr.