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Read into that what you will.

  • Baird's presentation sheds Victoria in three distinct lights that the reader will notice throughout the narrative: Victoria the woman, the politician, and the monarch.

  • Some of the pieces from far away lands were brought back to the United Kingdom as a result of civil war and revolutions.

  • I was told I looked like a true Disney Princess that whole day! Victoria lived forty years after his death! I learned a lot that I didn't know - especially what an awful person Albert was - but I still felt like I came away a bit lacking in a real understanding of the person V Maybe 3.

Victoria & Abdul (2017)

I also made sure to book the package where they were with me for touch ups.

  • My sister had a wedding the next day and was able to keep her hair and makeup! Working with the Victoria Elizabeth team leading up to the day was also such a great experience.

  • In exploring Victoria's hands-on approach, Baird discusses something that is taken for granted in Canada, the role of a constitutional monarch in the larger process.

  • We are treated to Victoria's own life chronologically, from an infant fifth in line to the throne to a passionate teenager thrust into rule, from the swooning love and contentment of her marriage to Albert, to her consuming grief and seclusion after his death, from the Widow of Windsor to her reemergence in politics and foreign policy.